Roy’s Place Studios

Main Hall – Lynnwood

Perfect for recitals, clinics, and just about anything that requires an open space, our main hall can do it all. The main hall can seat up to 125 people. Chairs and tables are provided, and can be set up to provide the feeling of a jazz club, seminar, clinic, open dance floor, casual or formal concert, or just about anything your situation demands.

The space boasts excellent live sounding acoustics with warm, dark colors and elegant lines to provide a professional, yet comfortable environment perfect for any event. The stage is large enough for a big band, yet small enough where any soloist can feel right at home.

Roy’s Place professional staff is always ready to make sure your event is a success. A house sound technician is available by the hour to assist with set-up, tear down, and operation of technical equipment during your event. We can handle just about any special needs you may have.

At Roy’s Place, your event is certain to be a success


The walls, ceilings, and floors are acoustically treated to provide a great sounding space for any style of music, while solid concrete walls ensure superior isolation from outside disturbances. Our facilities are clean and well maintained, and each studio has its own heating and air conditioning. Combined together with our laid back atmosphere, Roy’s Place provides an extremely comfortable and creative space for any musician.

If you are interested in booking our studios, please contact us at 425-771-7020.