Boss ME-33 Guitar Multi Effects Processor – Used


Location: Everett

Boss ME-33 Guitar Multi Effects Processor – Used

Type: Used
Condition: Good

The ME-33 Guitar Multiple Effects arrives with an incredible range of killer 24-bit BOSS effects, onboard COSM Amp Modeling, and Quick Edit knobs for fast tweaking. Throw in an onboard expression pedal and new EZ Tone feature and you’ve got the easiest way to tap into a tonal powerhouse.

Includes Manual

– Floor-based guitar multi-effects processor with 24-bit sound quality and built-in assignable expression pedal
– Onboard COSM Amp Modeling with 6 distinct guitar amp models plus simultaneous overdrive and distortion effects
– 6 Quick Edit knobs for instant, familiar effects tweaking
– 24 distinct guitar effects (9 simultaneous) including new Feedback Modeling, Auto Wah, Humanizer, Harmonist, Auto Riff and Phrase Trainer
– EZ Tone settings for fast access to tones from a variety of musical styles
– Acoustic Guitar and Pickup Simulators for instant acoustic sounds
– Large backlit LCD with helpful operation graphics and icons
– Built-in auto tuner and patches optimized for use with 6- and 7-string guitars

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