Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Pedal, 30th Anniversary Edition


Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Pedal, 30th Anniversary Edition

To celebrate 30 years of continuous MT-2 production, we’ve created a limited-edition version that’s available throughout 2021.
This commemorative pedal features gray lettering and a vintage silver thumbscrew for the battery compartment and comes in a box with a special 30th Anniversary logo.

Introduced way back in 1991, the iconic MT-2 Metal Zone remains the king of high-gain distortion stomps for guitarists around the world, with over one million sold and counting. Its thick, saturated sound is perfectly suited for metal styles and is also great for playing heavy rhythms and soaring solos in other genres. With incredibly wide tone-shaping range and ultra-smooth sustain, the multifaceted MT-2 brings an array of rich distortion voices to any musical setting.

– Iconic high-gain distortion pedal
– Innovative dual-stage gain circuit produces thick and tight distortion sounds with smooth, singing sustain
– Three-band active EQ with semi-parametric midrange provides intense sound customization with up to 15 dB boost/cut on each band
– Easy to achieve massive, satisfying sounds at any volume level

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