JHS Angry Charlie V3 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


JHS Angry Charlie V3 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

The Angry Charlie has become a staple of the JHS line over the years, and it’s a force to be reckoned with in the high-gain pedal territory. Its ability to convincingly and accurately breathe JCM800 tones into any rig has made it a popular choice for guitarists of all genres. And unlike many other British amp-in-a-box pedals, the Angry Charlie V3 sports a 3-band tone stack, just like the Marshalls, helping nail those warm yet searing tones and boundless sustain. If you are a glutton for high-gain overdrive/distortion that has a British flavor, the Angry Charlie V3 will change your life. Well, your gear life.

– Turns any amp into a screaming Marshall stack
– Go from bluesy Hendrix-like breakup to high-gain Brit tones with a twist of the Drive knob
– Drive and Volume control interact the same as a master volume amp head
– Back off your guitar’s volume to control your gain levels without losing clarity
– Fine-tune your tone with controls for Bass, Middle, and Treble
– Active controls boost and cut their selected frequencies

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