JHS Muffuletta 6-Way Fuzz Pedal


JHS Muffuletta 6-Way Fuzz Pedal

The heart of the Muffuletta is the fact that it replicates five (yes five) classic Big Muff circuits from years gone by as well as a new and original JHS version for a total of six Muff models. All executed without any digital signal processing or digital emulation. When you choose a model, you are achieving analog tone that uses real components and values found in the original units. We have selected our favorite classic versions from the pages of history and made them available in one small format pedal that is easy to understand, operate and do what it should do – replicate rare, expensive, mythical and sought after versions of this circuit with ease.

– JHS – 2015
The JHS Muff is a JHS original take on the classic circuit. You will find this version more powerful and less compressed, with a more haunting midrange. It is also the best for bass guitar.

– ’73 RAMS HEAD – 1973-1977 V2
The ’73 Rams Head gets its name for the strange little face that appears on the lower right corner of the original pedal. It is best known for having a scooped midrange, less gain, and being darker.

– THE TRIANGLE – 1969-1970 V1
The Triangle Muff is so named for the triangle arrangement of the knobs. It boasts more low-end response while being more articulate.

– THE PI – 1977-1978 V3
An instantly recognizable red Pi symbol gives this pedal its moniker. This is not to be confused with the later redesigned NYC version released in 2000. It features a more aggressive sound.

– THE RUSSIAN – “1999-2009 V8
The Russian Muff is named by the “Made in Russia” text found on the back of the pedals. It sports less clarity and less low end than other models. A great garage-type sound.

– THE CIVIL WAR – 1991-1993 V7
The old-style Civil War-era font and navy and gray colors found on these pedals’ enclosures dictate their name. They are best known for having more midrange and having a brighter overall tone with less gain.

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