Korg BeatBoy Drum Machine Recorder Tuner


Korg BeatBoy Drum Machine Recorder Tuner

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Beat Boy is packed with features that allow a guitarist or bassist to improve their abilities easily and reliably while having fun playing their instrument. The functionality of four products is packed into this single unit; in addition to a tuner, there’s a rhythm machine covering 100 diverse styles, an effect section for adding sonic variation to your guitar tone, and a recorder that allows 16-bit/44.1 kHz recording of your performances. So compact that it fits easily into the pocket of your gig bag, it’s the ideal partner for any guitarist or bassist.

– Perform backed by 100 full-fledged rhythm patterns
– Use the tap tempo feature to adjust the tempo intuitively, or use the tempo adjustment buttons to make fine adjustments
– Adjust the volume of the drum machine to fine tune the mix balance with your guitar sound
– Tuner function ensures that your pitch is accurate
– Overdrive/distortion effect for electric guitar
– Recorder allows 16-bit/44.1 kHz PCM recording and playback
– Approximately 20 minutes of recording, with a maximum of 100 tracks
– USB port allows your recorded phrases to be easily backed-up to your computer
– Internal mic supports acoustic instruments
– Built-in speaker lets you immediately listen back to recorded sounds

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