Nuvo Toot 2.0 – White/Pink


Nuvo Toot 2.0 – White/Pink

The Toot now includes silicone keys which
enables students to make faster progress.
In the key of C, the Toot is fully chromatic
over one and a half octaves from C to G in
the next octave.
When kids are ready they can snap on the
Standard lip plate and start to learn real
flute embouchure skills. This gives kids a
head start before stepping up to the jFlute.
– Available in 7 bright fun color options.
– Firstnote and Standard lip plates
– Silicone keys to help cover tone holes.
– Includes soft case and fingering chart.
– Fully chromatic over 1.5 octaves

Updated November 24, 2021 at 6:06 PM

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