Yamaha Venova Casual Wind Instrument


Yamaha Venova Casual Wind Instrument

Yamaha breaks new ground with the innovative and unique Venova Casual Wind Instrument. Designed to be an inexpensive and accessible alternative to traditional winds, the Venova’s state-of-the-art design blends the simplicity of a recorder with the rich sound of a saxophone. The result is a fun-to-play instrument that’s equally at home in the hands of an experienced player or a complete beginner.
Created with state-of-the-art Yamaha technology, the Venova features a branched-pipe structure that gives it a bright and rich timbre with plenty of volume. Its ABS resin body is smaller, lighter and more durable than conventional wind instruments. You can even get it wet – it’s water washable and easy to clean, making it perfect to take along to the park, a barbeque, or even the beach!
The Venova includes a mouthpiece, cap, ligature, synthetic reed, cleaning swab and carrying case

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