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Meinl 18" Classic Custom Brilliant Thin Crash Cymbal

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Meinl 18" Classics Custom Brilliant Thin Crash Cymbal

The 18" Meinl Classics Custom Brilliant Thin Crash is lightweight, allowing it to open fast and express more dark character and warm tonality. The softer feel under the stick makes this cymbal more inviting to play at a low to medium volume. This crash is versatile for many applications from clubs to home studios.

B12 Bronze Alloy
High-tech computerized manufacturing
Outstanding sound qualities and brilliant look

Cymbal Type: Crash
Weight: Thin
Size: 18″
Pitch: High-Mid
Character: Musical, Rich
Timbre: Bright
Volume: Medium to Low
Lathe: Pinpoint
Sustain: Medium
Material: B12 Bronze
Shaping: Pressure Point Technology, Computerized Hammering

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