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Pearl CH930S Short Cymbal Boom Arm - Used

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Pearl CH930S Short Cymbal Boom Arm - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

Short Boom Cymbal Holders
Excellent for rack attachments and added boom arms for smaller cymbals, Pearl's Uni-Lock Short Boom Cymbal Holder matches our 930 Series hardware and features rachetless cymbal angle adjustment.

Uni-Lock Titler

Plastic Wingnut and Cup

Felt Cymbal Washers

7/8" Diameter Post with Stop Lock

Uni-Lock Tilter
The Uni-Lock Tilter delivers smooth, gearless cymbal positioning.

Hide-Away Boom Arm
Solid steel convertible cymbal arm delivers solid, reliable support in boom or straight position.

Plastic Wingnut and Cymbal Cup
Durable plastic wingnut provides secure hold of cymbal/felt settings without thread creep or binding. The corresponding cymbal cup gives solid support and protects cymbals from damaging metal contact.