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Tama 13x7 Soundworks Kapur Snare Drum - Used

Tama 13x7 Soundworks Kapur Snare Drum - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

The Soundworks Kapur 7x13 model features a 6-ply, 6mm Kapur shell. Kapur produces a dry, vintage-type sound with enhanced warmth. This well-balanced sound quality makes Kapur at home in various genre of music styles. Tuned mid-high, the 7x13 size shell responds with a lively, popping tone that makes this snare particularly useful in Gospel, Funk and World styles.

The Sound Arc Hoop features an inward-curved, 2.3mm steel hoop that enhances the natural tone of the snare drum, and offers sensitivity, precise tuning, and control.

The Soundworks snare is rounded out with a Matte Brown Kapur finish, durable carbon steel Snappy Snares, and eightMSL60s lugs. Silky-smooth tension rods make subtle tuning changes a breeze, letting you dial in just the right amount of tension for perfect tone every time.