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Hammond Melodion PRO-44H V2

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Hammond Melodion PRO-44H V2 Acoustic Electric w/ Built in Mic

The PRO-44H features the widest keyboard range of any Melodion, and is the first to incorporate a built-in, Unique Dynamic Microphone resulting in less mechanical noise when compared to using an external microphone. Its exceptionally clear reed sound is expressed with High Definition quality, creating very warm and deep tones that can't be matched. And in the V2 version, the microphone unit used for the pickup has been renewed. In particular, as the mid-high sound performance has been improved, so the sound when connected to an amplifier becomes more clear, natural and conveys the music expression realistically.

Keyboard - c-g3 Alto 44 Keys (Ivory color)
Microphone - Internal Dynamic Lavaliere
Reeds - Phosphor Bronze
Cover - Aluminum
Output Jack - Standard 1/4” Phone Jack
Dimensions - 563x106x52mm

Mouthpieces (MP-141 and MP-171), and soft case (MP-2008)