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Nuvo Clarinet 2.0 White/Blue

Nuvo Clarinet 2.0 - White/Blue The Clarin?o 2.0 features the new easy-action ligature and mouthpiece with machine cut facing. This will provide a fully responsive and rich performance suitable for a beginner or an accomplished musician. The new Clarin?o also features new silicone pads as well as a silicone bell to ease assembly and increase durability. Includes new stylish case which is more compact making it easier to carry and store and to reduce shipping costs. - Available in 4 fun colors. - New easy-action ligature. - New molded mouthpiece with machine cut facing. - Silicone mouthpiece cap. - Includes 3 synthetic Nuvo reeds - 1 and 1? and 2. - 1 x Eb Clarinet cane reed. - Silicone bell. - Fingering chart. - New stylish case for portability.