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Carvin V3 100W 2x12 3ch Tube Guitar Combo Amp - Used

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Carvin V3 100 Watt 2x12 3-Channel Tube Guitar Combo Amp - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

The V3's 100 percent tube signal path delivers pure tone from warm to shimmering to infinite sustain and crunch. Three channels offer expanded tone circuits and overdrives for everything from Blues to Metal. Channels 1 and 2 are identical overdrive channels. However since each offers 3 different Drive settings and EQX Expanded Tone Circuits, you'll be able to dial in numerous variations on each channel.

The 3rd channel is the clean channel, but with its own Drive control and 3 position switch, you'll be able to use this as an additional distortion channel as well. The Volume Boost is ideal for leads and solos, kick it in when you need to cut through. Two Smart Loops offer assignable effects to your channels. Simply select your channel and select your Smart Loop. The assignment is saved and recalled when you play through that channel. MIDI offers storage of channel switching, Volume Boost On/Off and Smart Loop On/Off. Built like a tank, the V3's ruggedness keeps you playing night after night.

2x12" Speakers
100 Watts RMS (selectable to 25 and 50 watt modes)
5x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
4x Matched EL34 Power Tubes (bias switch for 6L6)
3 Channel
Serial and Parallel FX Loops
MIDI In/Thru
4, 8, 16 ohm outputs
Line Out with Cabinet Voicing and Level
Footswitch Inputs for 1/4" Carvin 2 button (FS-22) and 5 pin 4 button (FS-44) Footswitches


Master Controls
- Master volume: Controls output of all 3 channels. Boost or cut your entire rig with one control.
- Boost: Add up to 9 dB of volume boost, switch it on/off via the FS44 footswitch and MIDI.
- Bright: Boost highs starting at 5kHz for added clarity.
- Mid Cut: A unique mid cut helps dial in a master scooped tone from mild to extreme.
- Deep: Adds low frequencies at the sub-harmonic level
- Smart Loops: Total control of your effects, remembers your effects loop settings for each channel. Just assign a loop(s) to the current channel, Smart Loops permanently saves it until you change it.

Channel 1 & 2 Overdrive
3 Drive Modes:
a) "Center" - a classic rich, open overdrive with lots of headroom.
Turning up the Drive knob adds sustain and warmth.
b) "Thick" - brings on the chunk with a massive low-end, textured mids and blistering highs. Turning up the Drive knob adds sustain to the highs, grit to the mids with low-end bark.
c) "Intense"- the most gain and sustain with notes that leap out with startling articulation. The low-end is deep and percussive. Mids and highs smoothly blend and still cut through. Turning up the Drive stretches the envelope of sustain to the edge.
EQX: Toggle between standard EQ and Expanded EQ. This switch opens a wider frequency range for the TREBLE and BASS.
Presence: Boosting 8kHz to help cut through.

Channel 3 Clean
3 Drive Modes:
a) "Center" - a classic rich, open clean sound with lots of headroom. Turning up the drive adds tube warmth and sag.
b) "Bright" - adds high end to the preamp, inviting high frequencies to chime and sustain as the Drive is turned up.
c) "Soak"
EQX: Toggle between standard EQ and Expanded EQ. This switch opens a wider frequency range for the TREBLE, MID and BASS. Presence: Boost 11kHz for glassy, shimmering highs.

Side Handles are possibly aftermarket.  No footswitches included.