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Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor/Boost

Strymon Compadre Dual Voice Compressor/Boost

Compadre gives you two distinct analog boost circuits: a clean boost, and a dirty boost that introduces soft clipping, characteristic of an overdrive pedal. The selectable boost EQ ensures the perfect compliment to any guitar and amp combination. Add sparkle and shine with a treble boost, fatten your tone with the midrange boost, or level up the full frequency range with flat mode.

Bring out your amp's character in ways you never thought possible. Compadre's Class A JFET input circuit, studio quality analog compression, and musically voiced analog boost circuits all work together to make your amp sound like it was just modified by a world-class boutique amp designer.

For maximum versatility, Compadre allows you to use its Boost and Compression either together or independently from one another. In this way Compadre is truly two pedals in one. Put that together with the ability to store and recall presets using MultiSwitch Plus or MIDI, and the possibilities are limitless.

- Premium analog VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) compressor circuits
- Two voicing options: smooth studio compression and hard pedal style compression
- Independently controlled clean or dirty boost circuit with 3 EQ options
- Dirty boost option provides overdrive when boost is engaged
- DRY Knob lets you blend the dry signal with the compressed signal to preserve attack transients
- Compatible with MiniSwitch for remote selection of a Favorite preset
- Compatible with MultiSwitch Plus for remote selection of 3 presets
- Full featured MIDI control. Access to 300 presets and remote parameter control via quarter-inch TRS. (requires Strymon MIDI EXP Cable or MIDI > TRS interface)
- Output VCA allows Compadre to function as a volume pedal when a standard TRS expression pedal plugged into the dedicated Volume jack