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Electro-Harmonix Pico Rerun Tape Delay Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Pico Rerun Tape Delay Pedal

Vintage tape-style delay smaller than a cassette player!

Tape delay is loved for its warmth and charming imperfections compared to pristine digital delays. Their preamps could be pushed to saturation and, over time, the tape in vintage delay units would degrade causing a signature warble loved by many. These signature elements are captured and packed into Electro-Harmonix’s Pico Rerun tape delay. Based off the tape delay algorithm found in the Canyon Delay & Looper, the Rerun gives vintage vibes with modern features.

The Rerun features a simple control set and tap tempo for ease of use in any situation. BLEND sets the wet/dry blend. DELAY adjusts the delay time from 8ms to 3s. SAT adds tape saturation and distortion for added crunch to only the wet signal, keeping your dry signal unaffected by the added distortion. FDBK sets the level of repeats from 1 to infinite for runaway oscillation. You can also press and hold the footswitch to engage infinite repeats in an instant. The FLUTTER mode switch toggles between low, medium, and heavy modulation effects ranging from slight chorusing to seasick thickness.

Tap Tempo is simple and easy to use. Just press and release the footswitch at least two times to set the tempo and the LED will blink to confirm your tap tempo. Additionally, the Rerun also features selectable Tails bypass allowing echoes to continue after putting the pedal into bypass.

Compact Pico chassis
Tape delay algorithm from Canyon Delay and Looper
BLEND controls the wet/dry mix
DELAY adjusts delay time from 8ms to 3s
SAT sets the level of tape saturation and distortion
FDBK adjusts from 1 repeat to infinite
FLUTTER toggles between 3 levels of warbly degraded tape modulation
Tap Tempo to keep your delays perfectly in time
Selectable Tails bypass allows for echoes to continue after pedal is bypassed
Power adapter included