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Mr. Black Twin Lazers Dual Phase Modulator Phaser Pedal - Used

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Mr. Black Twin Lazers Dual Phase Modulator Phaser Pedal - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

Inspired by the long standing king of dual phase-shifters, this is true-stereo phase shifting at its finest.

Two fully-independent 4-stage or 6-stage phase-shifters (4-stages per phaser in Green mode, 6-stages per phaser in Red mode), can be run independently in stereo, or chained together via a standard patch cable to double the stages for series-mono 8-stage or extra syrupy 12-stages of phase-shifting swirl.

Phase oscillator rate is displayed via a pulsing LED indicator adjacent to the Rate control and cycle times range from a crawling 0.2Hz (5 second cycle) - 5Hz (200mS cycle) on the dial.

The Shift control affords a phase shift/lag of between 0° - 180° between the dual phaser-shifter oscillators. When set at 90° in a stereo rig, the sound is truly mesmerizing as the swirl seems to be rotating around you, yet impossible to discern whether it is rotating clockwise, or counter-clockwise. In series, a whole new world of phase sounds await by simply adjusting the Shift control.

A full Mix control allows even more options and sounds allowing for light swirl, or full, thick & ooey-gooey phase-modulation.

A preset is easily saved by pressing the Save button, and recalled using the Preset footswitch.

An expression pedal can be assigned to any or all controls on the fly by simply connecting a standard expression pedal and rotating the desired control to the Orange region on the indicator dial.

A standard external tap-tempo footswitch can be connected to the Tap/Exp. jack and extends the oscillator range out to a 12.5 second maximum cycle.
The Twin-Lazers tap-tempo oscillator automatically resets to the beginning of the cycle upon the second tap-tempo press so you can time it and fit it into your song perfectly.
Hold the tap-tempo footswitch to "freeze" the phase shift in its place as long as the the tap-tempo switch is held. Oscillation immediate resumes upon release and will not screw up your tap-tempo.

All this in a beautiful candy blue powder-coated compact and daisy-chain friendly pedal drawing just under 70mA peak current from an "industry-standard" 2.1mm negative-center-pin DC input.
Dimensions: 3.75"W x 4.72"L x 2"H
Weight: 16oz

Handmade with pride, love and focus on ease of use and a wide range of incredible phase tones. If you like phase-shifters, you will LOVE the Twin-Lazers.

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