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Radial Voco-Loco Vocal Preamp and Effects Loop

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Radial Voco-Loco Vocal Preamp and Effects Loop

Effects Switcher for Voice or Instrument

Mic Preamp and Effect Loop
The Voco-Loco is a foot-controlled microphone preamp and effects loop switcher that enables a vocalist or acoustic instrumentalist to incorporate guitar effects pedals into their signal path.

Add guitar effects pedals to vocal or instrument mics
Create exciting and unique effects as you perform
Turn on multiple effects with one footswitch
Works with dynamic and condenser microphones

Connect any mic to your guitar pedals
The Voco-Loco combines a microphone preamp with a guitar pedal effects loop, allowing a lead vocalist, sax or trumpet player to add guitar pedals to their audio signal path just like an electric guitarist adds effects for soloing. Simply plug your mic into the Voco-Loco via the XLR input, connect your effects pedals using standard 1/4" guitar cables, and then send the output from the Voco-Loco to the input on your mixer. Now with the touch of a footswitch you can add your favorite delay, reverb, distortion or wah-wah to any mic'd up instrument or vocal - the options are only limited by your imagination.

Voco-Loco Applications

Voco-Loco on voice
Plug your microphone into the Voco-Loco and add exciting effects using guitar pedals for echo, reverb or distortion and control the effects the way you want.

Voco-Loco with brass
Add echo, chorus or wah to your sax or trumpet to make your solos stand out from the crowd and deliver a unique performance to the audience that they will never forget!

Voco-Loco with harmonica
The Voco-Loco lets you incorporate a chorus, overdrive and reverb to your harp solos to deliver amazing tones without having to bring an amp to the gig. The blues never sounded so good!

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