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SKB 1SKB-GSM Taylor GS Mini Hardshell Guitar Case

SKB 1SKB-GSM Guitar Case When it's time to hit the road, SKB's 1SKB-GSM guitar hardshell case is just what you need to keep t safe from even the harshest conditions. This extremely heavy-duty hardshell case is more than tough enough to protect your guitar from bumps, jolts, and accidental impact. Its plush-lined EPS interior provides you with full-length neck support and features a large internal storage compartment. TSA-approved locks in the 1SKB-GSM's trigger latches also make it a great flight case. When you need protection you can count on, you need an SKB 1SKB-GSM hardshell guitar case. SKB 1SKB-GSM GS Mini-style Acoustic Guitar Hardshell Case at a Glance: Heavy-duty construction provides you with maximum protection from impact. Full support for your guitar prevents regular stress from damaging your instrument. TSA-accepted locking latches make flying with your guitar safe and easy.