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Moth Sound Moth Mic Retrophonic Deluxe Vintage Style Lofi Dynamic Mic Pair - Used

Moth Sound Moth Mic Retrophonic Deluxe, Vintage Style Lofi Dynamic Mic Pair w/Box - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

Creates a cool LoFi/Vintage 40s sound.  The intro to Wish You Were Here would be a great example of this kind of sound, or an old 40s era radio commercial or jazz standard.   Moth Mics are handmade in Spain with recycled parts, including actual 40s and 50s era capsules. The Retrophonic Deluxe gives a legit vintage tonality using actual vintage capsules.  Pair works great as an overhead set.

What is a Moth Mic?
It is a one hundred percent handmade microphone, designed to achieve the real vintage sound of the early and middle years of 20th century. Unlike a simple digital emulation, or others microphones on the market, the secret of the Moth Mics is the use of authentic vintage capsules made in the 40’s-50’s, guaranteeing that sound.

Although it’s unique vintage sound is ideal to get that oldie vocal or instrumental reproduction, a Moth Mic is an excellent partner for musicians and engineers who reject conventionalism and want to paint performings and recordings with a different color.

Moth mics are made in Spain from recycled parts and materials, worked and modified by hand, under the philosophy of “found objects”, guaranteeing every single Moth Mic is a unique piece. Every microphone includes a engraved plate with your personal, band’s or studio name

Studio Mic Pair
Electromagnetic moving coil transducer

Includes Wood Case that hold one mic