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Stewart CVA 7400 Rack Contractor Power Amp - Used

Stewart CVA 7400 Rack Contractor Power Amp - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

2 Channel Amplifier – 200W x 2 @ 70.7V

The CVA-7400 Contractor Series Power Amplifier delivers more than 200 watts per channel in stereo mode. Stewart Audio's unique power shift correction feature allows the amplifier to produce crystal clear uncolored sound. This remarkable performance comes in a package weighing only 10 pounds while occupying just one standard rack space. Thermal concerns are minimized in the CVA-7400 by innovative circuitry and extraordinary efficiency, making installation simpler than ever before. The design of the CVA-7400 is exceedingly conservative with regard to current capabilities. This ensures that the amplifier’s output devices remain within their safe operating area, even under extreme conditions. As a result, the CVA-7400 runs low impedance loads safely while retaining the high impact dynamics for which they were designed.

2 Channel 70.7V Amplifier
Convection Cooled (No fans)
Selectable High Pass Filter
7 Stage Circuit guard Protection
Stewart Audio’s VIF Limiting