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AKG D880 M Dynamic Vocal Microphone - Used

AKG D880 M Dynamic Vocal Microphone - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Good

A little rough cosmetically, and the grill is slight bent.  Still this is a wonderful dynamic vocal mic with a supercardioid pattern pickup.

The AKG Model D880 is a rugged dynamic supercardioid microphone intended for on-stage instrumental and vocal pickup. Its supercardioid pattern is uniform with frequency, and response has been boosted at mid and high frequencies for crisp instrumental pickup and improved speech intelligibility. The microphone has a heavy duty steel screen with an integral diecast support frame. The inner pop filter can be removed for cleaning or for replacement. The microphone incorporates two important AKG developments: In the “Tiefzieh” Varimotion System the diaphragm thickness varies from 20 microns at the edge to 40 microns at the center. This distribution of mass produces extended bass response, virtually eliminating the need for a tuning resonator. In addition, the Doubleflex mounting system used with the capsule assembly places the primary resonance of the moving system to well below the audible range, resulting in excellent isolation of handling and cable
induced noises. The light-weight body is die cast zinc alloy and has a dark matte finish for minimum reflection and glare.

The D 880M features a modular output system, which allows the microphone to be used with a standard non-switched or with a silent on-off switch with 3-pin XLR-type output or with the TM 40 module to create a wireless microphone compatible with the AKG WMS 40 series receivers.