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Cascade Fathead 2 Stereo Ribbon Mic Pair Black w/Case - Used

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Cascade Fathead 2 Stereo Ribbon Mic Pair Black w/Case - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

Fathead II-SP (Stereo Pair) Ribbon Mics, Black Finish.  One of the shockmounts has a rubber band to replace the nylon loops.  Includes a dual mic stereo bar for Blumein setups.

The Fat Head is a short ribbon passive microphone that delivers a smooth, warm, rich, fat, rounded tone. Produces a well-rounded sound without the need to EQ out the brittle or sharp highs. This microphone will roll off the high frequencies that will help with perceived warmth. The bi-directional polar pattern picks up sound essentially equally from both faces with a large null between faces, ideal for isolating sound sources. It’s frequency and sensitivity response deliver pristine audio results. Translates natural analog sound into the digital domain, giving warmth and smoothness to what might be a cold and sterile digital recording. Versatile enough to handle any vocals or instruments in recording and live sound application. Can be used in pairs in a Blumlein set up to pick up the entire room. Best suited for guitar cabinets, piano, brass and percussion instruments.

Includes: 2x Fat Head Black Ribbon Microphone, 2x Shock Mounts, 1x Blumlein Bar, 1x Aluminum Case
SN: 1462, 1463