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Dreadbox Typhon Analog Synthesizer - Used

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Dreadbox Typhon Analog Synthesizer 2020 - 2021 Black - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

Not just another monophonic synthesizer.  Developed with ultimate care and love, so as to be great-sounding, portable and affordable.

– Analog Circuit including 2 Classic Dreadbox Oscillators, a 4-pole Low Pass Filter, and Multiple Analog VCAs
– 32 Step Note Sequencer
– 3 Modulators with 4 Different Modes and Multiple Active Targets
– 12 DSP effects (32bit 296kHz) developed by Sinevibes
– 254 preset memory
– Powered via USB

2 analog VCO’s
An analog 24db/octave resonating Low pass filter
Analog VCA’s
2x Envelope generators dedicated to the filter and the amp respectively
3x Modulators that can be either a LFO, envelope, random or step sequencer
32 bit @ 96kHz (depending on the effect type) Stereo DSP effects coded by Sinevibes including:
- 5 Different distortions
- A bit crusher
- 5x Enhancer effects (chorus, ensemble, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter)
- 2 different delay types
- 3 different reverb types
32 note sequencer
256 presets (Bank A and half the Bank B only contain factory presets)
Extended Midi implementation (via DIN5 )
External audio input can turn this box into the ultimate effects unit
Manage and exchange presets with the freely provided software (download from their website)
Powered via USB, you can get 60 hours of continuous play with a 20.000 mAh power bank
All aluminium enclosure
Made in Greece / EU

USB powered (at least 1000mA)
60 Playing hours with 20,000mA portable power bank
MIDI Din5 IN and OUT
1/4" unbalanced Stereo Out
1/8" balanced Headphone Out
1/8" unbalanced Mono Audio In (for routing via Typhon FX)

Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 6 cm
Weight: 1kg

SN: TY03163

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