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Korg Karma 61 Key Workstation - Used

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Manufacturer #:Used

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Korg Karma 61 Workstation - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Good

Korg Karma Workstation Keyboard.  Tip of the tempo knob is broken off, so it is still turnable but certainly more difficult to adjust on the fly.

KARMA stands for Kay's Algorithmic Real-time Music Architecture

61 Keys - 3.5" Disk Drive - 200,000-note, 16-track sequencer, 62 Note Polyphony

Seven Years in the Making
At Korg they're always dreaming up innovative ways to make keyboards more expressive, more powerful, more musical, and when we first learned about a brand new technology called KARMA, they knew they'd found one. Seven years after assembling a global team of skilled engineers, programmers, and musicians, the Karma Music Workstation brings new music-making possibilities to life.

To start, its synth and effects engines are identical to Triton's - so you know how great it sounds. It's also compatible with Triton sound data and supports the same user-installable PCM and MOSS expansion options so your sound palette can grow. Plus, the Karma Music Workstation provides the same feature-packed 16-track sequencer that has made the Korg Triton the leader in music workstations. So what makes this new keyboard so special?

It's KARMA, Korg's revolutionary technology that generates amazing phrases, grooves, and other musical effects that can be altered and randomized in real-time. With a bank of knobs and switches, you control elements like rhythmic complexity, harmony, melodic repeat, phrasing, panning...even the synth's sound and effects.

KARMA gives you the power to play impossible, interweaving cascades of notes, techno arpeggios and effects, dense rhythmic and melodic textures, natural-sounding glissandos, intricate fingerpicking and guitar strumming, swooping portamento, and pitch bend moves to name but a few. The only limiting factor is your imagination.

Karma like this only comes around once every 7 years. Fortunately for you, the wait is over.

System: HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system

Modes: Combination, Program, Sequencer, Song Play, Global, Disk

Tone Generator: HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system

62 voices (62 oscillators) in single mode
31 voices (62 oscillators) in double mode

24 dB/oct LPF with resonance
12 dB/oct LPF + HPF

Alternate modulation function

Waveform Memory:
32 Mbyte PCM ROM (425 multi-samples, 413 drum samples)
Expandable via PCM ROM option (EXB-PCM Series is supported)

Effect Section:
5 insert effects (stereo in/out),
2 master effects (mono in/stereo out),
1 master EQ (3-band stereo), all usable simultaneously
102 effect types (available for insert effects or master effects)
Effect dynamic modulation function

768 user memory combinations (384 preloads)
640 user memory programs (384 preloads)
768 user memory programs when the EXB-MOSS is installed
256 + 9 drum ROM programs (GM2 sound map compatible)

Drum Kits:
64 user drum kits (16 presets)
9 ROM GM drum kits (GM2 sound map compatible)

Karma Functions:
Program mode: one KARMA module can be used Combination, Sequencer, Song Play modes: 4 Karma modules can be used simultaneously
GE patterns (preset): over 1000 patterns

Controllers (KARMA Realtime Controls): [ON/OFF] key, [LATCH] key, CHORD TRIGGER: [ASSIGN] key, [1]...[4] key Karma Realtime Controls: knobs [1]...[8], switches [1]/[2], [SCENE] key

16 timbres, 16 tracks + 1 master track
Maximum capacity: 200,000 notes
Resolution /192
200 songs
20 cue lists
150 preset patterns, 100 user patterns (for each song)
Supports Karma format, Triton format and SMF (formats 0 and 1)
RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) function (One set is available for each one song)

Song Play:
16 timbres, 16 tracks
SMF (formats 0 and 1) supported

Disk Mode:
Load, save, utility
Data filter function (save/load MIDI exclusive data)

Keyboard: 61 keys

Controllers: Joystick, [SW1]/[SW2] keys, Realtime Controls knobs [1]-[4] and [SELECT] key, [VALUE] slider, [TEMPO] knob, Karma Realtime Controls