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Novation Circuit Mono Station Paraphonic Synthesizer (2017) - Used

Novation Circuit Mono Station Paraphonic Synthesizer (2017) - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

Circuit Mono Station is a powerful, but extremely compact electronic musical instrument combining two established Novation products: the original Circuit groovebox and the Bass Station II analogue synth. Circuit Mono Station gives you classic analogue synth sounds, two interacting step sequencers plus a modulation sequencer and full automation of almost all synth functions.

Circuit Mono Station has been designed to let you create music fast: you can create riffs, patterns and longer sequences quickly and easily, with the fat and expansive sounds that only true analogue sound generation can provide. It’s both a compositional tool and a live performance instrument. You don’t need to connect Circuit  Mono Station to a computer or other device to make music – it’s completely standalone. If you’re working in the studio, Novation’s superior sound quality means you can use Circuit Mono Station as the basis of your finished track.

The playing grid is a set of 32 illuminated, velocity-sensitive rubber pads, which act as synth keys, sequencer steps and have numerous other functions. The pads’ internal illumination is intelligently RGB color-coded, so you can see at a glance what’s going on. You can assemble patterns together into longer chains, and save your  work in one of 32 session memories.

The synth section is reassuringly analogue: the controls - mostly a conventional and familiar set of single-function rotaries and switches, are always available to tweak your sounds. A large Filter control is positioned for easy access. There is a host of other quickly-accessible features: a choice of musical scales, adjustable tempo,  swing and velocity, a flexible mod matrix and a unique mixer section featuring internally-illuminated, color-coded controls.

Circuit Mono Station also sends and receives standard MIDI data, so you can connect other MIDI-compatible devices, synchronize with other drum machines or grooveboxes, or trigger synths, for example. The USB connection also handles MIDI; this lets you connect Circuit Mono Station to your computer so you can synchronize  and record MIDI data to your DAW.

A Novation Circuit is the perfect accompaniment to Circuit Mono Station. Using the two units in tandem gives you a complete solution to electronic music making either in the studio or in live performance.

Combines Bass Station II analogue synth with Circuit step sequencer
• 32-button multi-color grid for playing and displaying information
• Split grid displays sequence steps and notes simultaneously
• 3-track sequencer: two oscillators plus modulation
• Velocity-sensitive pads
• Paraphonic operation allows the two oscillators to be independently sequenced
• 64 synth Patch memories, pre-loaded with factory sounds
• Tempo range from 40 to 240 BPM, plus tap-tempo mode
• 16 musical scales
• Adjustable Swing
• Patterns can be chained together
• Pattern Settings allow definition of rate, length and direction
• Two analogue oscillators with independent control of parameters
• Sub oscillator, noise generator and ring modulator
• Traditional multi-mode analogue filter section, with pre-filter overdrive control
• Analog distortion with three modes
• Built-in mixer
• Selectable LFO sync rates including triplets
• 4 x 8 modulation matrix with Mod Depth control
• Clear and Duplicate functions
• Adjustable Note Velocity and Gate (Length)
• Line output (1/4” jack)
• Separate headphone output
• USB port for MIDI data and firmware update
• MIDI In, Out and Thru
• CV and Gate outputs
• Assignable auxiliary CV Output
• External Audio Input
• External AC adaptor supplied
• Compatible with Novation Components: back up your sessions and patches on-line

SN: B277195003754