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Romero Creations STC-K ST Concert Koa A/E Uke w/Bag - Used


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Includes Bag
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Romero Creations STC-K ST Concert Koa A/E Uke w/Bag - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Excellent

“STC” stands for Soprano, Tenor, Concert.  The ST Concert combines the length of a soprano, the body of a tenor, and the scale of a concert ukulele.

Premium Hand crafted ukulele with solid Hawaiian Koa.  Soprano sized length, with a concert scale, with a large bout body that produces tenor sounding depth.  This model has a rechargeable battery free pickup installed as well.  Just plug the in the wall wart to 1/4" plug (included) for 1 minute and enjoy up to 16 hours of playability.

This is an outstanding Ukulele, suitable for professional performance and recording.  Top notch design, build quality, and playability.

Designed by Pepe Romero
Handcrafted, all solid wood
15” concert scale length
12 frets to the body
Tiny Tenor body
Overall length of a soprano ukulele
Easy access to all frets
Powerful, crisp tone
High quality 16:1 tuners
Ebony fingerboard
Ebony bridge
Daniel Ho logo
Rechargeable Battery Free Pickup
Gloss Finish
Includes Bag