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Strymon Big Sky MX Reverberator Effects Pedal

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Manufacturer #:Z120-BSKY-MX

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Strymon Big Sky MX Reverberator Effects Pedal

The new BigSky MX is a world-class reverberator that packs a host of powerful features into a single enclosure: it uses a tri-core 800 MHz ARM processor to achieve two reverb machines at once, with Series, Parallel or Split audio routing and new panning controls. Of the 12 reverb machines, seven are brand new and the remaining classic machines all get powerful sonic and feature upgrades. The new convolution engine is capable of playing ten-second stereo impulse responses, along with the ability to fully edit the IRs. 22 impulses come preloaded, including a large number of custom long captures of classic analog studio gear. Stereo I/O, DIN and TRS MIDI I/O and USB-C round out the connections, and a new OLED screen, dedicated Inifinite/Freeze footswitch and multiple footswitch modes make it easier to control than ever.

Soar to new sonic heights with 12 world-class reverb machines, including seven brand-new algorithms, as well as enhancements to classic BigSky voicings.

Unlock full stereo potential with the ability to run two reverbs at once with Series, Parallel and Split audio routing, along with a new adjustable pan control per engine.

An advanced convolution engine allows for ten-second impulse response playback and full editing of the IRs, letting you make BigSky MX truly your own.
Plus, the custom long captures of oddball analog and classic studio gear we created in-house let you access effects and sounds never heard before in a guitar pedal.

Stereo inputs and outputs allow for a variety of routing options, while our discrete Class A JFET input preamps deliver unmatched feel and responsiveness.

A dedicated Infinite/Freeze footswitch intuitively enables you to create lush pads to play over.

Full MIDI implementation via DIN, TRS, or USB-C lets you make the most of BigSky MX’s vast range of controls and 300 preset locations. All this in a robust, easy-to-use and elegant pedal.

Preloaded With Inspiration
BigSky MX comes preloaded with 22 impulse responses, consisting of a number of different types of captures. We included a variety of impulses composed of different natural spaces in the collection, but we also wanted to give you some IR's that were unique to MX.  We spent days in studios creating our very own long captures of classic analog studio gear, as well as some oddball units owned and restored by one of our analog engineers.  The result is a bunch of super-inspiring sounds, from real analog plate and unobtanium mainframe reverb units to wacky forgotten spring reverb tanks and tape echoes. There is a wealth of creativity waiting in the Impulse bank!

Ready to Play
Our most powerful pedal ever is also our most most flexible onstage, combining intuitive operation with features professional musicians will appreciate.
The bright OLED screen is easy to read even in harsh conditions, and navigation is user-friendly and clear.
You can use the dedicated Infinite/Freeze footswitch to create lush pads to play over, and you can also control each reverb separately in a Dual patch with your feet.
Integrated IR-based cab filters give you mic’d amp tone when running direct to an interface or mixer.
Full MIDI control over every relevant parameter and extensive I/O mean BigSky MX can easily integrate into any rig.

Stereo Panning
To offer the most flexible audio routing possible, we’ve added a pan control to the output of each reverb engine.
Now you can push Magneto off to the right so that you can hear the repeats even more distinctly in a Dual scenario, or push both machines farther to the sides to leave more space in the middle of the stereo field.
It can be a powerful control when used creatively.

Real Space, Real Movement
The new MX reverb algorithms feature multi-modulation, which varies the delay times of individual reflections. As a result, turning up the Mod knob results in a natural sense of movement, more like the movement of air in a room than an obvious modulation effect.
And even with zero modulation, reverb tails are smooth, musical, and resolve to silence beautifully — even at the longest decay times.

Nixie 2 Software
Our Nixie 2 software librarian is an integral part of the BigSky MX experience, allowing you to manage uploading and downloading of patches, real time parameter control from the desktop and impulse response loading.
At launch, functionality will be limited to preset organization and impulse response loading/management, but we expect to get full compatibility with all of BigSky MX’s features in the following few months.

Dedicated INFINITE switch for momentary/latching use of Freeze or Infinite function
Stereo input & output
Premium analog front end and output section
Selectable input level for instrument and line level signals
Analog dry path for a zero-latency dry signal that is never converted to digital
True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching) or selectable Buffered Bypass
EXP input allows the connection of an optional TRS expression pedal, MultiSwitch, MultiSwitch Plus, or TRS MIDI connection
USB-C jack for performing firmware updates, MIDI I/O, and connection to the Strymon Nixie 2 editor software

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