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Yamaha C3 Baby Grand Piano, 6'1" Polished Ebony, w/Bench and Cover (1990) - Used

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Includes Bench and Cover
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Yamaha C3 Baby Grand Piano, 6'1" Polished Ebony, w/ GRK Dolly, Adjustable Bench and Cover (1990) - Used

Type: Used
Condition: Very Good

The 6'1" Yamaha C3 is one of the most popular grand pianos in the world. It comes from Yamaha’s state-of-the-art factory in Japan and is among its popular Conservatory Series Grand Pianos.

Has a Dampp Chaser Dual Automatic Humidistat Auto-Humidification System installed, Model H-2.  It's from 1991 and has not been recently tested so it likely no longer operates.  But a modern H-5 version could be integrated by replacing some of the components.

Bass side Footpost has a crack at the bottom and a few scuff marks on it.

Made in Hamamatsu, Japan 1990

Includes GRK Piano Dolly, Adjustable Bench and Piano Cover

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