Lucas Tayne

Instruments : Guitar, Ukulele | Locations: Lake City

Lucas Tayne is an American singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington. He spent his formative years playing guitar and drums in local indie rock and punk bands The Lighter Side of Epic and The Red Trousers before expanding his influences to bluegrass, americana, and jazz. Tayne has lived and gigged in Portland, OR and Boston, MA as well as spending a year in Shanghai performing with the hip hop-funk fusion group The Immigrants.

Lucas approaches music with central belief that he is teaching a language. Like any language the use of music will differ between every individual. Some people might want to master giving a meticulous presentation while others may be more interested in learning to hang out and jam. Lucas teaches every student to pursue the goals they are most passionate about. With his knowledge of theory and technique and experience over a broad range of genres, Lucas is comfortable teaching students of all skills, ages, and ambitions.

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